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UCC Monitoring Services

UCC monitoring service is a simple and effective method of tracking your current UCC filings to eliminate accidental lapses.

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UCC Filing Services

Our UCC Services Group experts provide assistance in the preparation, filing and maintenance of UCC Financing Statements.

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Corporate Monitoring

We offer a corporate monitoring option that will alert you of changes to a registered entity.

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Bankruptcy Monitoring

We offer a bankruptcy monitoring option that will alert you if your customer files for bankruptcy protection.

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Auditing Service

In order to provide the most accurate filing service in the industry, we developed an internal auditing procedure. Because of the demand by those who prepare and file their own UCC documents, this auditing procedure is available to you as a means to eliminate erroneous filings.

Our history shows that when we audit filings completed by a client internally or with another service provider, 75 percent of the time we find errors or omissions in the filing.

The benefits of using this service include:

  • Confirmation of the effectiveness of your filings (original and/or continuation filings)
  • Confirmation of adherence to central filing requirements
  • Verification of proper filing venue
  • Detailed reporting of erroneous and/or lapsed filings
  • No bulk purchase requirements
  • No initiation fees
  • Optional continuing support and fee consideration

UCC Receivables

You’ve written your security agreement and collateral description; negotiated with your customer; prepared and filed your financing statements; completed your search and notifications; and have diligently monitored your expiration dates. Now your debtor is in default or filed bankruptcy. Now what?

We offer a specialized secured creditor receivables recovery program. We will assess, leverage and exercise your rights as a secured creditor. Our receivables program is available exclusive of the UCC filing program.

By employing NCS you benefit from:

  • UCC/PPSA Specialists: Your secured transactions are expertly managed.
  • Custom Collection Strategies: You determine the approach of the collection pursuit—diplomatic, aggressive, or resolute.
  • Complete Legal Services: Our in-house attorney liaisons as well as our national attorney network are ready to assist you.
  • Fees Contingent Upon Collection: Performance or no fee.