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Collection expertise, tools and programs specific to your industry

Your accounts are unique. We get that. With decades of knowledge managing collections for manufacturers, construction suppliers, food distributors and energy providers, we also know that industry-specific expertise gets the job done faster and more cost effectively.



Tools and resources for manufacturers and commercial operations.



Protection of billions of dollars over half a century of working with construction suppliers.

Food Distributors

Food Distributors

Expert help with protecting accounts receivable in the food distribution industry.

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A nimble and thorough understanding of recovery in the ever-changing energy industry.

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Unparalleled industry knowledge and expertise

When you partner with NCS Credit, you gain access to a national network of industry-specialized experts, relieving your need for multiple service providers. With flat fees, you always know your costs up front, and project status tracking diminishes your risk of missing critical deadline dates.

We’ve Helped Others Just Like You

Behind every successful company is a successful credit professional who ensures payments get made. Here are a few companies we have helped to build and maintain success.

NCS Credit by the Numbers

of dollars protected so far
Billions of dollars protected in several industries, including working with construction suppliers.
of credit pros educated
Thousands of experts like you have benefited from our in-person and web-based training and webinars.
of uncompromising excellence
More than half a century dedicated to helping credit professionals get paid.
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Our History

The story of NCS Credit is one of family, growth and success anchored in a belief of uncompromising excellence and ever-advancing technology.

Founded in 1970 by Howard V. Cowan as a commercial collection agency, NCS Credit’s goal was to form trusted partnerships and provide exceptional debt recovery services. In the early 1980’s NCS Credit earned a reputation as a leading authority in the corporate credit industry and expanded its services to meet the needs of its credit professionals by adding the Construction, UCC and Publication Service Groups (now known as Notice & Mechanic’s Lien Services, UCC Services, and Education & Resources). The company’s focus was on Securing Your Tomorrow®.

dee cowan newspaper article

After 20 years in business, at the age of 52, Howard began to feel financially secure and started to enjoy extended vacations. Within a short time thereafter, on September 1, 1990, tragedy struck with his sudden death.

In the midst of tremendous sorrow and grief, the Cowan family united and became resolute to continue Howard’s dream.

Today NCS Credit serves clients throughout the U.S. and Canada as a commercial debt recovery service and has gained national recognition as the premier leader for securing accounts through the Mechanic’s Lien laws and Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code. NCS Credit is the only business that offers solutions to these often complex legal processes within one organization.

The company’s commitment to serve with integrity and valued advice gave rise to The National Lien Digest© and later inspired the software development of LienTracker®. Both products are considered essential resources used by the smallest to the largest Fortune 500 companies for serving notices, filing liens and bond claims. Every client has a secured portal, accessed through the NCS Credit website, to view personal account information.

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NCS proudly boasts of educating thousands of credit professionals over the years in the U.S. and Canada through our events, resources, webinars and social media.

More than five decades later, NCS Credit continues to be a family-run organization, carrying on the founder’s goal of excellence in all we do to secure our clients’ tomorrows.

Why we help you

Meet Our Team
  • john murray
    John Murray, Esq., Manager, Collection Services Group

    I have always had a passion for working with and understanding businesses from a variety of industries. The decision to become an attorney came easy to me as soon as I learned just how intertwined an understanding of the law is with most businesses’ success. And while some laws and regulations can make operating a business more difficult, there are also powerful legal tools to help protect businesses against risk. NCS Credit specializes in understanding, teaching, and implementing many of those tools for the benefit of our clients. I spend my days working with businesses of all sizes, all around the country. Along with the rest of the team at NCS Credit, we seek to help minimize write-offs and reduce DSO, so our clients can prioritize growth and work towards their business’s future—not get stuck in the past.

  • diane toth
    Diane Toth, UCC Specialist

    I started with NCS Credit fresh out of college. I was nervous and I wasn’t sure I was prepared because I had very little work experience. From the first day, I immediately felt comfortable that I had chosen the right company. NCS Credit provides training on all aspects of the industry to ensure you are able to excel at your job. Growth – personal and professional – are always available and encouraged by leadership. I consider all my co-workers my friends. We operate as a true team, providing each other assistance whenever needed. My experience has been great! You won’t feel like just another employee to this family-operated company. I look forward to working here for many years to come and to continue watching the success of NCS Credit.

  • Amy Poje-Marsh
    Amy Poje-Marsh, Director of Operations

    As I reflect on my 20+ years with NCS Credit, I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to grow my career from a UCC Specialist to Department Manager and now to Director of Operations. I see that through exceptional leadership, teamwork and determination, this company, along with its employees, has grown exponentially. NCS Credit encourages its employees to be inquisitive, to learn more and become industry experts. I love seeing others take that opportunity to make a difference and be impactful, not only with each other, but with our clients! The NCS Credit community is the best! I am lucky to have such amazing teammates who continue to help me thrive every day.

  • James Draeger, Manager, IT

    One of the things that attracted me to NCS Credit was its emphasis on ensuring a personality fit during the interview process. In my role as the IT Project Manager, I work with employees throughout the company and always find it to be an easy process. Management continues to encourage opportunities to learn and grow in my role as well. And I love the emphasis on work/life balance that allows me the ability to focus on my family when not in the office.

  • gianna homrock
    Gianna Longfellow, Litigation Paralegal

    I absolutely love working for NCS Credit. I started my career as an Accounting Specialist, and after two years I was ready to grow and learn more about the different areas in the company. When a Paralegal position in our Collections Department opened, I was able to make this my reality. I hadn’t worked in a legal position since I was in college, but our leadership team gave me the chance to get back into it. Though I was starting over, and very new to this field, I received the greatest training and help. NCS Credit is very big on letting you grow within the company and create a career you want. I am so lucky to work with such knowledgeable and supportive people.

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Focused solutions. Broad network.

Providing you with a highly specialized service requires a deep and versatile network of experts to get things done. With access to in-house teams for personalized service and a web of experts for industry- or process-specific solutions, NCS Credit can bring you the best of both worlds.

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Empowering Heroes

Utilize NCS Credit as a resource and a partner and become the person at your company who can get things done.
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Multiple Solutions

Whatever your challenge, we have the tools and expertise to meet it–and get you paid.
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Decades of Experience

We’ve been a trusted partner to our clients for more than half a century.
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“One Size Fits One” Approach

No two of your accounts are the same. We respect and understand that. Our entire approach is built around finding solutions that best suit your needs.
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Online Service Option

Access your secure online portal 24/7 and save time and paperwork.
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Flat Fees

Take the guesswork out of it. Know your costs up front.