NCS Lien Index 2021 Q3

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We are very excited knowing that we have NCS as a resource that we can utilize to assist us in protecting our assets. We have found the response times prompt and the information accurate. The NCS webinars, conducted by Jerry Bailey, are also interesting and informative. I would readily recommend NCS to any credit professional.

Paul J. Fairhurst, Director of Credit ThyssenKrupp Materials NA, Inc.

We had a project in New Jersey, and because the preliminary notice was not required, the project information was not gathered. The project was for $346,000 and all of a sudden payment became an issue. We decided to file a lien but did not have all of the entities in the ladder of supply required to file a lien. As happens in a lot of these situations, phone calls were not being answered. I logged into LienFinder and found a Lien had already filed on the project as well as all of the essential information I needed. This saved me considerable time trying to find the information and ultimately helped me get paid in full!

Nealson Hanner, Assistant Credit Manager Rain for Rent