NCS COVID-19 State and County Updates

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We were notified that a customer was selling a location which at the time had an AR in the mid-six figures, all of which was past due…The sale took place and our Credit Manager was contacted by the attorney who had the check in hand for the full amount. Had we not had the UCC filing in place we would not have received this payment and very likely, only cents on the dollar.

This success paid for the cost of filing previous UCC’s and future UCC filings for years to come. This was definitely a win when looking at the cost benefit/ROI for securing our receivables with the UCC process and utilizing the services of NCS.

Michael Wisner, Region Credit Manager US Foods

We are very excited knowing that we have NCS as a resource that we can utilize to assist us in protecting our assets. We have found the response times prompt and the information accurate. The NCS webinars, conducted by Jerry Bailey, are also interesting and informative. I would readily recommend NCS to any credit professional.

Paul J. Fairhurst, Director of Credit ThyssenKrupp Materials NA, Inc.