NCS Lien Index 2021 Q2

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Ten plus years ago, Whirlwind Steel Buildings elected to invest in NCS’s ‘LienTracker NTO’ and ‘National Lien Digest’ software. Previously, we were handling all pre-lien notices and notices of furnishings through a hand written record system. We now ask ourselves how we survived those days, with that antiquated method, with millions of receivable dollars at risk.

We feel like we are using the most efficient and time saving lien tracking program on the market today. When there are questions, NCS’s support staff is there to get the answers we need, typically, right on the spot at no additional cost!

Gary R. Barber, Corporate Credit Manager Whirlwind Steel Buildings, Inc.

As Doosan has grown their relationship with Marla and the NCS staff we have established security in our accounts with immediate up to date access. Through the years I have recommended NCS to my dealers to ensure that their accounts are secured as mine are. I look forward to continuing the relationship and expanding our business together as partners.

Finance Manager Doosan Infracore America